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DIS provides a suite of products to unlock your business potential.

Extremely High Value for Your Dealership

Continually Investing to Advance the DMS Application

Proven Core DMS Functionality

Feature Complete Solutions

Helping Dealerships Everywhere

The automotive industry is ever changing as is the technology that helps us automate the corresponding dealership business needs. DIS is constantly enhancing our software solutions and the benefits continue to add up to more value and performance for our customers.

The DIS philosophy is to gain and maintain a personal relationship with every customer. This, along with our ability to deliver core business applications at a value priced level enables us to excel in a win-win environment with our clients. We pride ourselves in the relationship and length of contractual association we enjoy with our dealerships. The small business atmosphere of DIS makes the support and communications easy and enjoyable for our staff and yours.

Combined Best in Class Service Providers

As a leading technology company & a premium services provider, DIS takes advantage of professional partnerships with globally recognized leaders to deliver enterprise level solutions. Alongside companies like IBM and Microsoft, we continue to offer premium value-added services, customer support, and integrated core software solutions to our clients.

25+ Years of Experience

Our dedication to the Automotive Industry is reflected in our high-quality DMS software. This commitment translates to proven software solutions that have the capacity and tenure to deliver what you need, when you need it.